Slavs and Tatars

(founded 2006 in Eurasia)

The work of Slavs and Tatars also spans media and manifests itself in exhibitions, installation, publications and lecture performances. The artist collective devotes its work to the multiple belief- and ritual-systems of Eurasia, and forgotten areas of Slavic, Caucasian, and Central Asian culture. In several work cycles Slavs and Tatars investigate an affective and physical relationship towards language, texts and books as well as a plurality of identities that goes hand in hand with the diversity of language by linking high- and pop-cultural as well as sacred and secular elements. Within their works this polyphony becomes a medium of political, metaphysical and sexual emancipation and thus the dissolution of reductionist identities.

Slavs and Tatars' website

Slavs and Tatars | photo: David von Becker